Course Summary

THE SERVICE CODES: A 2 day experience on Becoming Gracefully Unf*ckwithable!

WELCOME TO THE SERVICE CODES: A 2 day experience on becoming gracefully Unf*ckwithable ➡️ Your path to creating sustainable success through the balance between power and softness.

TRUTH ⇣⇣⇣⇣⇣⇣⇣⇣⇣

To create a life and business that works for you, and is of the highest service to your community, you are required to be unapologetically true to yourself.

Easily said. Not so easily done.

In this 2 day experience I will be sharing with you, everything that I have learnt over the past 20 years of supporting male and female CEO's to build and grow multi-7 figure businesses. What works, and what doesn't work, on the path of creating success, when committed to being a powerful and direct, yet gentle, kind and compassionate human. 

In the meantime, check out this transmission on content on judgement, standards, and expectations.

And this one on taking radical responsibility for our wounds and trauma.

I can't wait to see you here inside The Service Codes.

Until soon.

Keep on listening to those inner whispers and taking courageous action.

The world needs you.

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